Optimization and control

Along with our market partners we follow through on our suggested optimization measures to help you realize savings.

Permanent installations allow us to verify the results of the optimization and sustain the savings for the long-term.


The optimization is the implementation of the measures that were proposed by us in the analysis. It is carried out by either our partners or a specialized company designated by the customer along with our support.

For example, tasks may include the following activities:

  • Hydraulic Balancing
  • Control and settings corrections
  • Replacing smaller components of the system
  • Repair/Maintenance/Cleaning
  • Insulation
  • On request, replacing larger components

Optimization check

With a reduced version of our method we verify the results of the optimization. This means a control of savings and resolving the problems. In this way the originally collected data will be updated, another measurement is performed, a largely automated analysis is carried out and a summary report is generated.

The method also shows potential problems with new system components. The optimization check is not required but highly recommended.

Permanent monitoring

The "Ratioservice Systems Perma-EKG" is intended for measurement-based control of optimized systems with the aim of a permanent and autonomous review of the sustainability of the achieved energy-efficiency. Through either a software or the internet the operators of the system can receive daily updates. For this purpose, a continuous automated evaluation is performed and you are alerted if any values are beyond the allowable threshhold.